Week 5:The Giants:By Liam A

Running through the woods I could hear my heart beating like a drum, the cracking of tree trunks snapping in half and the giants’ feet shaking the ground. Then I looked behind me and they were gone – there wasn’t a sound only the rustling of the leaves on the trees.

Suddenly the giants pounced out from everywhere. I was surrounded. There was no escape…Suddenly I could hear the roaring engines of trucks. It started to rain and I saw that the giants were in pain. The army ran up the hill and started firing at them. Suddenly all of the monsters looked up and turned to stone.


2 thoughts on “Week 5:The Giants:By Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam,
    Your story is excellent. It has lots of great vocabulary and a variety of sentence starters. I agree with Cillian it was very easy to visualise the action in your story.
    Great work this week.
    Well done.
    Ms Brennock

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