Week 6: Abandoned by Kasparas.

And there I was in the blackout in 1939 World War II. I was only 12 living in London with my mother. My father and brothers have been taken to war. The least thing I liked about the war were the blackouts which would always start at sunset.

But it just had to be that day when our city was attacked by German bombers And everything was falling-  the candles, pots, plates, cutlery everything.

Then the most horrific thing happened.  I was reaching to get the matchsticks and the candle but instead, it was not a candle I felt; the material felt like a cold moist cloth.

Later when my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw my mother under that boulder.

19 thoughts on “Week 6: Abandoned by Kasparas.”

  1. Well done.
    Amazing story.
    It was very sad.
    Did your father and brothers come back or were they killed.
    Look forward to reading more.
    David 5th.

  2. Kasparas I to love a ww2 story and I love how you said his age and every thing. Keep up the great work.

  3. Well done Kasperas. I really your story. Did your brother and father survive? It reminds me of a story witch I wrote today. Adam. Well done again.

  4. Hi Kasparas.
    What a great story. A well deserved showcase! I love the way you found your mother in the end.
    Was she ok? Did you father and brothers come back from the war?
    Well done again.

  5. Hi kasparas
    I liked this story
    It reminds me of war
    How sad would you be if it happened to you
    Sean mc s Mrs Boyce’s Class

  6. Hey kasparas. What a sad story.
    I remember myself reading WWII books.
    I wonder what would of happened if you didn’t feel the cloth.
    Would you like to be a soilder back then.

  7. Hi Kasparas
    I loved reading your story it was really good.
    I wonder what he did after that horrible accident.
    This story reminds me of the book Billy the kid .
    Great story bye Shane F

  8. hello Kasparas i loved your story it was great.
    it was very sad that your mother died under that giant bolder.
    this story reminds me of the film i seen on my tv.
    your sincerely Julius.

  9. Hi Kasparas I loved your story this week it was so good that you even got showcased. I cant imagine what being abandoned is like you told the story like you were actually there. I will read more of your stories. Shane C.

  10. hi kasparas
    brilliant story
    i loved the word horrific that you used
    i wonder were your brothers and father went Q
    brilliant story

  11. Hi Kasparas.
    Nice story, I liked it.
    Will there be a continouation?
    Did your family survived the war?

  12. Hi Kasparars,
    I really liked your story. Congrats about getting on special show case. I liked how you made the story seem like I was there. But how does the candle feel like his moms hand? I too wrote about a kid in a war.
    Sincerly, Dom

    P.S check out my post
    Dom’s Blog

  13. Wow! Excellent writing Kasparas. You’ve done a fantastic job describing the horror of war.
    Very well done.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  14. Hi Kasparas. Your story is so very sad but very atmospheric. You’ve done a great job of highlighting the awful situation that is war. Excellent vocabulary used.

  15. Oh Kasparas – what a sad story you’ve written this week.
    You have described very well the awfulness of war.
    Keep up the great work. Well done!

  16. Oh wow, Kasparas. Just wow. Your are quite the storyteller. You’ve painted an amazing picture with words here, and your last line is just superb. It’s chilling, sad, and frightening – but superb. This is one of the best stories I’ve read this year. Well done, sir. Keep up the magnificent work!

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