Week 6: Captured by Kayden

I was captured. Two people grabbed me when I was walking down an alleyway and took me to their house.They put a blindfold over my face and got a box. They told me to put my hand in and to guess what was in it.

They said if I guessed right they would spare my life. I put my hand in and felt around. The material felt like it was a knife.

“It’s a knife or is it a sword?” One of them said, “Which one?”

I took a long pause and nervously said a knife. They then announced, “You’re spared now run and don’t tell anyone about us.”

I then ran thinking should I ring the guards or not?

15 thoughts on “Week 6: Captured by Kayden”

  1. Hello Kayden
    I loved your story. I can’t imagine being captured and then blindfolded.
    I am glad they spared you and that you guessed right.
    This story reminds me of this film called Rambow- he’s a man that was in the army. Then he was kidnaped and blindfolded and had to guess what was in the mysterious box and he was let go to freedom .
    I loved your story. It was remarkable. Julius5th

  2. Hi Kayden well done on your story this week I wonder who the people were? Did you call the guards? this reminds me of a movie I once saw well done Kallum.

  3. Hi Kayden,
    This story is very well thought out. I like the way you included the prompt.
    Did you cut yourself when you touched the knife, or did you slowly grab it. Did you tell the police that the kidnappers were threatening people’s lives, I would’ve. Bye, Liam.

  4. Hi Kayden
    Great story I wonder who took him.
    I wonder why they took him.
    You should make a part two if you rang the guards .
    Great story bye Shane F

  5. Hi Kayden. Great story I rally liked it. I wonder why they wanted you to fell inside a box? This story reminds me of a story I heard on the news. Adam

  6. Hi Kayden.
    I loved your story this week. You used the prompt very well. Congratulations on your showcase. It was well deserved.
    Did you tell the guards in the end? Or did you leave the kidnappers off the hook?
    Well done again Kayden.

  7. Hi kayden
    I liked this story
    I wonder did you call
    It reminds me of my storys
    Sean mc s Mrs Boyce’s Class

  8. Hi Kayden.
    Amazing story.
    I think you should of called the guards.
    Hope you get another showcase soon.

  9. HI Kayden.
    I loved your story of the moments.
    I think you should call guards.
    What kind of voices they had?

  10. Great work Kayden. You’ve written a great story and used the prompt really well. Your story has tension and suspense. I’m glad you were spared and set free in the end.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  11. Well done Kayden – I could really feel the tension throughout your story.
    I’m glad you guessed correctly and I think you should tell the guards.
    Great work this week.

  12. I think that you should Kayden! What a terrifying experience that must have been for you. And weren’t you lucky to guess right… I dread to think what might have happened if you had guessed wrong. Well done, keep up the super work!

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