Week 6 Fire by Ciarán

It was 2 weeks after the war and I was taking a bath but I clumsily spilled my orange juice and it went into the electric socket. My house went up in flames but luckily I live next to a firefighter and he called the fire brigade.

But when they got to my house I realised that my daughter was still inside probably dancing to the pop song  “Danced with the stars.” Luckily she was ok but now I will never bring orange juice into the bathroom again.

7 thoughts on “Week 6 Fire by Ciarán”

  1. Hi ciarán,
    I like the way you used the prompt this week
    It reminds me of a time when my little sister was in the bath and I had orange juice and I spilt the orange juice all over the table
    From Niamh

  2. Hi Ciarán
    I really liked your story but two quick 1.Why would there be sockets in a bathroom
    2.Why would you bring orange juice into your bathroom.
    Anyway It was a very good and funny I really enjoyed it keep up the amazing writing

    Jessica H
    Ms. Brennocks 5th class

  3. Hi Ciarán
    I like the way that you use the prompt.
    I like the name of the song.
    I like the you put your sister in.
    Keep up the good work.
    Emily and brian

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