Week 6: Pepper Made Pandemonium By Naglis

Back in the day there was a queen named Pepper who was hosting a party at her castle in Bath, London. Pepper was married to a fire fighter who was an extremely jolly man. But Pepper had a secret – she liked the colour orange which was known as a sign of weakness.

Later on people started gathering and the Party started. Everyone danced their heart out. Soon Pepper spilled a glass of champagne on her colourless grey dress so she went to change it. Clumsily  she put on a bright silky orange dress. She came downstairs and what a shock everyone got when they spotted her.

What would she do now?

3 thoughts on “Week 6: Pepper Made Pandemonium By Naglis”

  1. Another great story Naglis!
    I hope Pepper will be able to convince all the party goers that orange is the colour of life and glamour and NOT weakness!
    Good work.

  2. Hi Naglis

    I really liked your story it was very interesting .
    What happens next,I really liked the why you used orange.

    From Abby and Jessica M
    Ms Brennock’class.

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