Week 6: The Box : By Dan

“I want a robust fearless man to complete my mission” bellowed our bunker’s leader.

“I’ll do it” I shouted.                                                                                                                      I walked over to the airlock and pulled on a nuclear suit. I picked up the box that I was supposed to carry. It was Heavier than I expected, but I didn’t take notice of that because I had a job to do.

I stepped outside into the remote and deserted barren lands that so many in our cramped little bunker used to call home, but after the undetectable enemy plane nuked it we were left only with a bunker. I struggled along into the distance with the box.

One thought on “Week 6: The Box : By Dan”

  1. Dan,

    Great work! Your use of speech at the beginning created a very bold, and definitely set the tone of the story!

    I love the level of tension you built throughout and you’ve left it on a really good cliff hanger…I want to know what happens next!

    Miss. L, Team100, Edinburgh, UK.

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