Week 6: The Fighter By Mikolaj

My friend was playing a video game. He was not really good at it anyway so he decided to dance through the game. He danced with his teammates.

Suddenly a fighter from the opposite team ran up to him and shot him. My friend ran off the dancing floor zigzagging into the bath to hide. Later he clumsily walked out of the bathroom and he saw the fighter –   he finally killed him.

My friend was disappointed with himself. He screamed quite loudly and his Mom got mad at him and grounded him for two weeks.

6 thoughts on “Week 6: The Fighter By Mikolaj”

  1. Hi Mikolaj,
    I like your story
    It reminds me off a game called fortnite because you need to shot people in the game
    I like the way you used the promt this week
    Keep up the good work
    From Niamh

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