Week 6 The Finger print By Kristupas

I was walking down to the town park and suddenly a man said can you lift one dumbbell. I said why. To get money. Ok but I’m going to be careful. Where are we going? I said the local gym.

We went over and he gave me the dumbbell. I tried to lift it but it was heavier then I expected. I looked at it and I saw a finger print scanner so I asked him `lift it ` he did and I asked can you put it down somewhere else. The man did and I could lift it then because it was not on the pad for the fingerprint scanner.

One thought on “Week 6 The Finger print By Kristupas”

  1. Ms M #100WC
    I like the way that you have put your ideas here into two paragraphs Kristupas. It would have been good to see you using quotation marks to identify exactly what each person was saying. This might help you to make your writing even more interesting or exciting too.
    Keep up with the 100 Word Challenges.

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