Week 7 Abandoned batteries By Jacob

“But where did it go” she shouted.

I”f we lose two more we will be stranded on the  statesman,”  I thought to myself

“Why don’t we put up cameras and see who is behind it all?”

“Okay,” said the captain

We put up the cameras and found a man who was dressed in a black tuxedo. I was stunned to find it was my best friend Ron! I ran down there and shouted TRAITOR!!!! and then I body-slammed him. He said “What’s the big idea?” The captain came down the stairs and told him to leave or he would get fired.

We retrieved the batteries  and got onto the surface and after that, we went home and promised never to speak about it again


2 thoughts on “Week 7 Abandoned batteries By Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob
    I love how you used the prompt as the starter to your 1ooWC. It really drew me in (even though I have no idea what the statesmen is!). I am intrigued to know what the batteries were for and why Ron was stealing them. I love the idea that you never speak of it again once you were home. Great work.

    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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