Week 7: Boom by Kayden

It was Halloween. There were decorations all over the mansion. The main attraction was the spider. It was huge. Everyone gathered around it and loved its glowing eyes. One person asked the owner how he got the eyes to glow.  The owner said he didn’t do anything and he didn’t know why they were glowing.The person then said that it’s a cool feature.

At 12 midnight the whole place gathered around the spider and sang songs. Now the spider was making a beeping noise and once again the owner didn’t know why. One person could see numbers in the eyes but decided to keep it to himself. The numbers went to 10 and the man roared get out to everyone but they didn’t listen.

He fled and 10 seconds after there was a big boom.No one from the mansion was ever seen again.

4 thoughts on “Week 7: Boom by Kayden”

  1. Hi Kayden, You’ve set a great scene by your brilliant description of the mansion and the spider. I know a lot of people say spiders are harmless (well most of them) but I don’t think the same can be said for the spider in your story.

  2. This is a very mysterious piece you’ve written this week – Well done!
    Sounds like there was a bomb planted in this spider. I wonder why?
    I think the moral of this story should be -BEWARE of the glowing eyes!
    Great work!

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