Week 7 Murder Mystery by Jack

One dark and stormy night a little girl and her friends were playing hide and seek. One hour into the game one of her friends screamed and her parents weren’t there so they kept playing. She was wearing her neckless  and then it disappeared.” But where did it go,” she shouted.

Then everyone started to disappear. Then she did and when she woke up her parents were standing in front of her. ” Surprise –  Happy birthday,” they shouted.  And so they partied all night long. ”  That was a fun night,” she said but she was scared earlier in the night.

One thought on “Week 7 Murder Mystery by Jack”

  1. Hi Jack – well done on writing your story this week. I wonder if the start of your story was a dream or maybe it really did happen. How spooky would that be!? Well done and keep up the good work

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