Week 7 : Tables Turning by Seán M

Concentrating on a new potion, Mike was in an absolute trance as he was racing to finish his experiment.

All of Mike’s miserable life he was bullied. He was always tiny so he was seen as an easy target to physically bully. That’s why he decided to attempt to put a halt to all of that nonsense and to show the abominable, cantankerous child what it can be like. Mike’s plan was to brew an elixir that would make him grow rapidly. Mike used to be a bashful, demure child but not anymore.

Just about to drink it when suddenly he coughed and some dropped on the fragile glass on the floor in the path of a spider. The spider legged over to it and swam in it.

Mike hated spiders and always killed them but now the tables were turned! …

14 thoughts on “Week 7 : Tables Turning by Seán M”

  1. Hi sean that was a great story it was so good that you got showcased well done.
    I dont mind spiders do you like spiders?
    Really liked your story.
    Shane C 5th

  2. hey sean fantastic story. I really feel sorry for mike too. I would hate if that happened to me. What did the spider do after it ate mike. great title as well.

  3. Hi Sean,
    I thought your story was very good.I loved the end of it and thought it was very funny.What happened when the spider grew?Did you run as fast as you could?-Kayden

  4. Hi Sean.
    What an amazing story you really deserved a showcase.
    Your vocabuarly was great.
    The title really is an eye catcher.
    By Bryan

  5. Hi Sean.
    I get why it’s named The table had turned.
    Does that mean he had been… killed?
    Good Job for showcase.

  6. Sean I love your story Sean it is very good. I think you should get picked. check our blog msokeefeclass.

  7. Hi Sean, First off I must commend you on your brilliant vocabulary. Not only have you used some absolutely brilliant words ‘abominable’, elixir.. and my favourite one ‘cantankerous’, you’ve used them very appropriately in your story. Your last sentence is the highlight. It leaves the reader wanting more. I’m guessing this tiny spider was transformed into something…. not quite so tiny. Great story!

  8. I don’t mind spiders actually, but I know teachers and pupils who go berserk when there is a spider in their classroom. I’m the one who has to remove it …. gently wrapped in a tissue and dropped out the window! Liked your writing especially the last paragraph!

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