Week 7: The Blob : By Dan

It slid  steadily towards the front door.  It’s deadly dripping acid drool left a long crack in the floor. At that moment Ciara rounded the corner her torch raised aloft. The blob disintegrated and disappeared .” But where did it go” She shouted angrily.

She began to wander around the museum again in a desperate hope to catch the dark red blob.
BANG! Ciara spun right around. It was sliding rapidly towards her.  She turned on her torch. The blob began to squeal and shrink.

Ciara threw her net over the Monster. It was finally captured.

Now the Museum could reopen.

3 thoughts on “Week 7: The Blob : By Dan”

  1. Hi Dan – you’ve written a terrific story this week. I’m glad that the blob was caught and the museum could reopen, but where did this blog come from in the first place?! Well done and keep up the great work

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