Week 7: The Class Play by Rhys

This Friday was my class play and I was the tree in this the Halloween play. I was so irate. My friend John kept messing up his lines so when the bell rang we all ran I was in my room. Then I heard someone scream my name. It was Ben he said that he found a scary house in the wild. I had a drink in my hand but I fumbled it spilled. Kate was furious with us. When I looked at the house I saw a green zombie looking creature.  Then we couldn’t find Ben. “But where did it go?” she shouted

2 thoughts on “Week 7: The Class Play by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys,
    I really liked your story especially when your friend found that scary house
    keep up the good work
    From Emmanuel
    Ms Brennocks class

  2. Hi Rhys – well first of all I have to say you’ve used to really excellent words in this story. Well done! I hope that the Halloween play went well in fact I hope it was tree-mendous! 😄 Well done and keep up the great work

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