Week 7 The Dare by Dylan

My mouth dropped open and I shook nervously . My friends and I were playing truth or dare when Laura and I were dared t go into the woods.

We said “Ok ” nervously and walked in.

We were talking and laughing so much we realised we were lost. Then we heard a nearby growl that sent a chill down our spines.

I could only see its gleaming daggerlike teeth and the deadly dripping drool foaming at its mouth. I turned to Laura.

” Keep an eye on it,” I said .

” But where did it go?” she shouted.

All I could do was scream when I saw it pounce …


2 thoughts on “Week 7 The Dare by Dylan”

  1. Hi Dylan – well done on writing such a scary story and just in time for Halloween! I have lots of questions… but the biggest one is probably what is this mysterious creature? I also like to know if you got away safely! Well done on writing such a terrific story and keep up the great work

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