Week 7 The enchanted sword by Ben

I remember the day I was chosen to go on the Victory. It was a very famous ship as the captain was the Pirate queen. They said they needed a bigger crew than usual for where they were going. They said they found a map that led to the legendary enchanted sword. According to the map it was located in the vicinity of the Ackbar Islands.

No one really liked the queen but they didn’t dare say that to her face. When we reached the Ackbar Islands we went to the spot on the map and started digging. When we found it, the pirate queen rushed over. But when she picked it up, it disappeared.

“But where did it go,” she shouted.

I out stretched my arm and the sword appeared there.  “You should have listened more closely to the tale,” I told her – ” you have to be worthy” and with the sword I defeated her.

2 thoughts on “Week 7 The enchanted sword by Ben”

  1. Hi Ben – this is a great story. I love the fact that you had to be worthy to be able to wield the sword. It reminds me a lot of Thor and Mjolnir, his famous hammer which you have to be worthy to wield. I’m glad that you were able to defeat the Queen. Well done and keep up the great work!

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