Week 7 The Security Guard by Warren

Saoirse was having a pedestrian night. There was barely anyone in the mall for a Friday night. Suddenly an avalanche of people came running from the eastern side of the mall. Saoirse stopped one of them and asked him what happened. The man replied by saying “There was a big “BANG” and we saw a man with his hood up and a mask on breaking through the glass that was protecting the diamond.” Oh god” she said. The mall was in the vicinity of the police station so she told them. Rapidly she ran to see if he was still there. The diamond was gone. “But where did it go” she said”…

3 thoughts on “Week 7 The Security Guard by Warren”

  1. Hello Warren, this is a good story. I really liked the choice of some of your words. Words like pedestrian and avalanche created interest and helped the reader understand what was happening. Great action too.

  2. Hi Warren – another great story from you this week! I wonder who stole the diamond and how they were able to get away with it in a mall… you would think that someone would have seen them! Well done and keep up the great work

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