Week 7 Truth or Dare by Aidan

Every year on the night before Halloween my friends and I do truth or dare beside the abandoned bakery. As you can probably guess most of the dares were to go inside and one time I had to go in.

When I stepped into the house I heard the creak of the floorboard underneath me. My heart pounding like a drum I knew someone was in here. “Not funny,” I said as Sarah walked up behind me making a scary noise. “Well, I thought It was” she whispered. “The space in this place is limitless,” I said while creaking open another door.

Then I felt sharp claws dig into my back and I saw an unforgettable face. The blood trickled out my back.” Help me up,” I beckoned Sarah. “But where did it go,” she said…

One thought on “Week 7 Truth or Dare by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan – that’s a terrifying story that you’ve written this week! I think that that is a bakery that I would not like to go into. I wonder what kind of scary creature it was that had its claws in your back? Well done and keep up the great work

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