Week 7: Where Did It Go : By Liam A

There was police everywhere – we had no choice but to give up.  Surprisingly a girl in a car pulled up.  She bounced out and told us to get into the car – we ran for it. She drove as fast as the wheels on the car could go. After a while, she stopped and said to give her the diamond.  We had to because she saved us. I handed her the briefcase and she opened it. The diamond was inside it. She touched it and then it disappeared. “But where did it go? ” she shouted. This was bad -very bad.

3 thoughts on “Week 7: Where Did It Go : By Liam A”

  1. Oh Liam, what an exciting read you have created here! I think that your ending in particular is great, as it leads your reader on to what might possibly come next!
    Ms M #100WC

  2. Hi Liam A,

    This is a great story. I really liked it because your story’s keep on getting better and better. Keep up the great work.

    From Jessica H

  3. Hi Liam – what a super story you’ve written this week. I wonder where the diamond went? I think you’re right too, this is a very bad situation! Well done and keep up the great work

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