Week 8 The Grotesque Witch by Dylan K

It was a cold winter’s day in the kingdom and the King’s child had been missing for three days. The king felt bereft and worried. The king couldn’t handle the situation, however, he needed to set out on a journey to find Jake his child.

He ventured through the woods and after days of searching he finally found an eerie cottage. He decided to enter the cottage. The rooms were very dark but suddenly a grotesque witch attacked the king with a yellow effervescent potion. The king felt weak in front of the witch but he still stabbed her and killed her.

He discovered Jake and this was the most remarkable day of his life.

12 thoughts on “Week 8 The Grotesque Witch by Dylan K”

  1. Hi Dylan k
    I liked this story
    It reminded me of Hansel and Gretel
    It must have been scary
    Sean mc s

  2. Hi Dylin
    That was a really good story you wrote there
    I liked the way you put in the word grotesque
    It reminded me of a film I watched which was called Journey
    It got me thinking why did the which build her hut in the wood.

  3. Hi Dylan that was a brilliant story in fact it was so good it got showcased.
    I was happy that the king found Jake.
    It must have been a remarkable day finding Jake.
    Shane C 5th.

  4. Hi Dylan.
    I really loved your story.
    Well done for being a showcase!
    I wonder where the king found his son?
    This story reminds me of a book called “The Arrows Head.
    Well done great story Adam 🙂

    What a story.
    I am delighted that the king found Jake again.
    Well done on being showcased.
    David 5th.

  6. Hi Dylan.
    I liked your story veeeeeeeeeeery much.
    I liked that you used words of the day.
    I still don’t get the end does that mean Jake died?

  7. That really was a remarkable day. I mjust say, Dylan, that you have used some really stunning vocabulary here, and it makes your story even better and even more enjoyable to read. Fantastic work, keep it up!

  8. A fabulous story Dylan. You’ve used some fantastic vocabulary ‘bereft’, ‘ventured’, eerie. I also see the good old effervescent potion is still doing the rounds. Well done.

  9. Hi Dylan great story
    I really enjoyed reading your story
    i wonder how the witch took Jake.
    I’m glad the king found Jake
    Great story bye Shane F

  10. Hi Dylan,
    This was a brilliant story!
    This reminded me of a fairytale.
    Did the king have a daughter?
    Sean M

  11. Well done Dylan – I enjoyed reading your story this week. I’m glad the King found Jake in the end.
    It truly was a remarkable day for him!
    Keep up the great work.

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