Week 8: A Night Of Doom, by Dan.

A flame of red and orange light danced in the long narrow hallway. I was frightened, but I wanted to follow it at the same time. Thoughts of what it could be were now swimming through my mind.

As I slowly crept along, the moon flooded white light flashed through the old building. A shiver ran down my spine…As I rounded the corner the light got brighter.

I could hear voices, a party was being celebrated, but I was the only human guest. Skeletons and spooks witches and zombies, it’s HALLOWEEN NIGHT…I’m DOOMED.

Hopefully tomorrow morning won’t be long coming.

8 thoughts on “Week 8: A Night Of Doom, by Dan.”

  1. Hi Dan,
    Love your story because you used so many descriptive words,
    It reminds me a little bit of my week 9 story check it out here-https://mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/week-9-parallel-peter-naglis/
    Your sincerely Naglis,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  2. Dan,

    Right out of the gate, I was delighted with your use of language when I read “A flame of red and orange light danced…”. That is a vivid sentence that uses figurative language so well. I agree that you built tension well which can be challenging to do in just 100 words. Thanks for participating in the 100WC this week. Keep up your writing!

    Tracey Ananmalay
    Team 100WC
    San José, California, US

  3. Dan, that is a great piece of writing with a build-up of suspense. You choose your words well! I have recommended you for the show case!
    From Steven Hales-Norfolk, England-#Team100wc

  4. Super work Dan.
    Well done!
    Hopefully you survived the night of doom and that the morning light banished those skeletons, spooks, witches and zombies for another year!

    Hope you’re enjoying your midterm break – see you Monday!

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