Week 8 Remarkable by Julius

One day as I was walking minding my own business,  a stranger came up and said how would you like to help me find Atlantis? I said it is not a real  place but I’ll go with you.

The next day we were leaving to the middle of the ocean . We finally got there and we got ready to go scuba diving.  The water was cold but we eventually got there. We were the first to discover Atlantis.

It was remarkable however we could not stay for long as there was a yellow weather warning sign. We gingerly took a few photos and when we got back we showed the people pictures of Atlantis and we became rich.

5 thoughts on “Week 8 Remarkable by Julius”

  1. What an amazing find for you, Julius! I imagine that you must have a lot of people looking to talk to you to tell the story of how you found Atlantis! Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Julius
    I loved reading your story .
    I wonder what Atlantis looked like.
    I’m glad you found Atlantis .
    Great story bye Shane F

  3. Hi Julius
    That was a really good story you wrote there.
    You asked me where was the tree house in my story and here is the answer: In my friend’s backyard inside a tree.
    Now here is my Question why did you want to go with the man anyway.
    I really liked the way you placed all the prompt words.

  4. Well done Julius.
    The “lost” island of Atlantis is featuring in a few of our stories this week.
    I’m glad you discovered it and became rich as a result.
    Keep up the good work.

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