Week 8 : World War 2 By Adam

Bombs dropped, guns fired, bombs exploded.

We were supposed to bomb the main hall however, before I could even make it, “I’m hit” I screamed. I was falling- we were all  falling like flies.


I survived the bomb, unlike my friend. There were a lot of yellow logs on the floor. There was a hand sticking out of the logs. I gingerly removed the logs and there was my brother . My eyes filled up with tears.

“Good bye my friend. war is never going to change” I mumbled.

Later I  discovered that the war was over.  It was remarkable. I buried my friends and my family and I sat and cried.

16 thoughts on “Week 8 : World War 2 By Adam”

  1. Hi Adam
    Brilliant story once again!
    This story reminded me of War history.
    Did you fully recover?
    Seán M?

  2. Hi Adam.
    What a really good story!
    The words you used really brought the story to life.
    I wonder how you must have felt when the war was over?
    Well done on the showcase and hopefully many more stories like this.
    By Calum

  3. Hi Adam your story this week was excellent well done! I felt sorry for you when you found out that your brother and friend had died. I wonder what happened that the people did not bomb the main hall? Had you any injuries? Very good story Adam well done,

  4. Hello Adam .
    Your story was just sad but it was remarkable how you survive the bombs.
    It must have been really hard to say goodbye to your family and friends.
    What happened after the war was finally over?
    Your sincerely Julius.

  5. Hi Adam.
    Wow it’s very brutal story I’ll say.
    Did anybody from your family survive?
    Will there be a continuation about the start of war?

  6. hi Adam
    brilliant story
    question that was a sad ending and I could imagine how sad you were
    the part that i liked about it was that you realised that the war was over

  7. Hi Adam great story
    I wonder what you did after the war
    This was one of your best stories
    This story reminded me of Billy the kid by Michael Morpurgo
    Great story by Shane F

  8. Hi Adam
    That was really a heart-breaking story
    I reminded me of the World Wars when loads of people died
    It got me wondering why did you even go to war ?
    Great job for getting picked for the showcase.

  9. Hi Adam.
    I loved your story.It was very emotional but I’m sure you were one of the many heroes for your country.Were you the only person alive left in your family?-Kayden

  10. Hi Adam great story this week it was so good that you got showcased.
    I hope you make more stories as good as this.
    You must have been so sad watching your brother die.
    Great story Adam!
    Shane C 5th.

  11. Hi Adam,
    This story really is your best.
    This reminds me of the famous book War Horse.
    Was it hard to make friends at war?
    Congratulations on the showcase!.
    I would love to see more stories like this.
    Dylan K

  12. Hello, Adam! My name is Annabelle. I live in New York state in the US. What I liked about your piece is that you made me feel like I was right there! Great job! Kepp it up.

  13. What a sad ending to the story. And yet, it is such a powerful ending too. It really shows the effect that war can have on ordinary people, as well as those in the armies who are doing the fighting. I think that this might be the BEST story I’ve read anywhere this week, Adam. It’s really, really superb. Keep up the fantastic writing. 🙂

  14. Well done Adam – This is a very emotional piece you’ve written this week.
    But sadly it reflects the hardship most families suffered during those times.
    Keep up the good work.

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