Week 9: Dreadful Dare By Naglis

It was a dark dreary windy hazardous night and Luke, Theo and I were playing Truth Or Dare. It was Theo’s turn and he picked me.

“Truth Or Dare he asked excitedly.

“Dare” I answered nervously.

“I dare you to explore the eerie house at the end of the street.”

And so I did. I put in a mammoth effort to open the door and as it opened it creaked perilously. The smell was of damp and decay. I could hear the whirling wind outside. My heart was beating like a drum. Unfortunately, my light started flickering. Soon I came to a door half off its hinges. I wondered what was behind the door. As I opened it I was in shock and dismay.


5 thoughts on “Week 9: Dreadful Dare By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis, I really enjoyed reading your story. I loved the way you used the promt that week. I love all the WOW words you used. I usually pick truth. I would be scared to explore the eerie house. Good work. Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  2. I love how you went into detail in your story making it more realistic but I think you should use more punctuation.

  3. I loved your use of words like “Put in Mammoth effort” and “I was in Shock and dismay”. I loved the story good job!

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