Week 9 Ghosts By Danny

Legless Luke and Headless Harriet are Ghost friends. They live in a castle called Ivy Hall. They always have great fun jumping out and scaring people out of their pants but now people are too scared to go to the castle except one person who is never scared.

Both of them got bored because they could not scare him. So one night they went down town. Legless Luke went to the supermarket while Headless Harriot went shopping for a black dress. When Headless Harriot was done shopping she went to pay but then she noticed that no one was there so she went to get Legless Luke and both of them went back to the castle and lived happily ever after.

9 thoughts on “Week 9 Ghosts By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny
    I like your story because your simles were fantastic
    I wonder what will happen next
    goodbye from ciaran
    mrs boyces class.

  2. Great story Danny I would love to live in a castle
    It reminded me of when I was shopping
    Bye by Colin

  3. Legless Luke and Headless Harriet can’t be that bad can they?
    Will they come back I wonder?

    Bye Adam.

  4. Well done Danny, great entry this week.
    I love the names you gave your ghosts! They seem to great friends and they love shopping.
    Ms Brennock

  5. Hi Danny. I love your story. Great use of alliteration with your names – ‘Legless Luke’ and ‘Headless Harriet’. I love the fact that they’re ‘Ghost friends’. I like Harriet’s style too – nothing like shopping for a Black Dress!

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