Week 9 I see horror by Kacper

One scary dark night I was going home. When I went home no one answered. I opened the door slowly. I saw a doll – oh wow is this a prank? I thought. No answer. I think my family is gone. Well I’ll throw it in the bin.

When I went into the kitchen there was a statue there. Wow okay, I was getting scared. I ran to the sitting room the statue was inside and I got rid of it.

Wait –  is that singing that I hear?  I got out of the house until they came back.

5 thoughts on “Week 9 I see horror by Kacper”

  1. Hi Kacper. I enjoyed reading your rather terrifying story. I think I would have run away too. I like the way you build the tension by telling the reader that you think it’s a prank at first, then the events become more and more scary.

  2. Great idea Kacper. I’d have run from that house as fast as my legs could carry me. Maybe it was one of your family playing a trick on you?

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