Week 9: I’M ALIVE! By Marc

Dear Diary,

I was so excited to go on the Titanic.                                                                            Even though I was in third class,  I was still super excited.                                   My family are  very poor -they only had 10 pounds from their life savings to go on the Titanic.                                                                                                                                  Suddenly there was a big crash on the Titanic.                                                                 From the ginourmous crash the trap door had somehow locked.                          I was crying from fright as  I was really scared.                                                   My mom and dad were giving me hugs to calm me down.                                        After a while I found another door.                                                                                       I wondered what was behind the door.                                                                               My hands were shaking but I pushed the door open.                                                   Our lives were saved  – there in front of us were the  life boats.


3 thoughts on “Week 9: I’M ALIVE! By Marc”

  1. Hey Marc

    I love the titanic and as soon as I read the first sentence my body filled with excitement. I also thought it was very interesting the way it was a diary entry. I don’t see anything that you can improve on because in my opinion this story is already amazing just the way it is . Keep up the good work.
    ~ Holly (Ms Brennock)

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