Week 9: A Life-Less Planet by Jack

Evil. Diabolical. Malevolent. This guy’s plan was to destroy the city. I had to stop him. Unsure of his plan to do it, I began sneaking around. After a while, I found something very suspicious looking. I pulled off the khaki looking tarp, and gazed in shock at what lay under it. …. A bomb……. But not just any old bomb, one of the most powerful ones in existence.

My only way to save the city, and probably the whole world, was to make sure that it would not begin lighting. But suddenly the fuse began to burn….. “NO…….”

As the smoke cleared, all that was left was rubble, earth and a life-less planet. Evil. Diabolical. Malevolent.

22 thoughts on “Week 9: A Life-Less Planet by Jack”

  1. Hey Jack!
    I loved the way you used three words at the end and the start of the story, it was an excellent idea! This reminds me of a story with a guy with a time machine. He travel exactly 230 years 46 days ahead and there was modern technology p. Sadly the sun was falling….planet Earth was been destroyed.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Really good story once again,
    I loved the words that you used to describe the story,
    I wonder if you survived the bomb attack?
    By Calum?

  3. Hi Jack,
    What a brilliant story I have just read!
    Did anyone survive?
    I absolutely adored the idea of putting three words at the start and the end!
    By Seán M

  4. Hi Jack.
    I really liked your story my favourite part was when As the smoked cleared, all what was left was a rubble, Earth and a life-less plant.

  5. that was an excellent read Jack
    I liked the way that you said suspicious
    I think you should get showcase every week
    I would give it a 10 out of 10

  6. Hi Jack
    I loved those first three and last three words.
    It was very like a movie I watched called bomb squad but they had a chance to stop the bomb.
    Unfortunately you didn’t.
    I thought it was a marvellous story. Ewan 5th

  7. Wow Jack great story
    I loved reading it.
    I wonder did you survive ??
    Why did the man try to do it?
    Great story bye Shane F

  8. Hi Jack well done your story this week was excellent I loved the way you started with three words and then finished with the same words well done. The way you described the planet afterwards was very good I hope you write a part two because I want to know if anyone was able to stop this guy at all. Well done Kallum☺

  9. Hey Jack good story this one definetly deserved to be showcased. I loved the way that you ended the story the same way you started it off as well. Gary 6th.

  10. Hi Jack.
    This story was truly amazing.
    The way you started and finished with the same words was just so amazing, eyecatching and powerful it just made the story.
    You really deserved a show case and on the mid term break aswell we didnt have the class to bounce ideas off each other .
    By Bryan

  11. Hi Jack great story.
    I liked how you started and finished your story the same way.
    You must have been so scared of either saving the world or breaking the world.
    Your story was so good that you got a showcase great story.
    Shane C 5th.

  12. Hi Jack.
    Great story and some unbelievable words.
    You deserve to get as many showcases as you can.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    David 5th.

  13. Hi Jack,
    Your story was very well written from start to finish.
    Did you manage to catch him or did he get away and succeed in his mission?-Kayden

  14. Hi Jack, I’m just submitting some suggestions for Showcase this week and I’m recommending yours! Good luck – It absolutely deserves Showcase.

  15. Just WOW Jack. This is an absolutely outstanding piece of writing. Everything about it is excellent. I LOVE the opening sentence. Those words are powerful. Finishing with the same sentence really drives the point home. Very impressive.

  16. Brilliant, Jack – absolutely brilliant! I LOVED this story, and just like Mrs Boyce, I LOVED the way you ended the story the same way that it started. It made the story even better. SUPERB. Take a bow, young man! And keep up the amazing writing! 🙂

  17. Hi Jack
    That was a really epic story
    I loved the way you started and finished with the same evil words
    It got me wondering who set off the bomb and please answer me back on my story
    It reminded me of a book I saw which is called War of life

  18. Hi Jack
    What a fantastic piece of writing for this week’s 100 word challenge and especially as you’re off on mid term break this week. I love how you start and finish with the same, dark words which both set the scene for what was about to happen and also told the story after all the damage was done at the end. Well done you on such a creative piece!
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100

  19. Wow Jack!
    What a terrific piece you’ve written this week!
    I love how you started and finished on the same three words.
    Powerful work! Well done!

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