Week 9: The Embarrassing Day, By Mikolaj

My parents went to the cinema with their friends and left my sister and myself home alone. I was playing the PlayStation with my friends. We were playing Fortnite. My friend said he’ll be back in a second and 1 minute later I heard somebody ring my doorbell.

My parents still didn’t come back and my sister was sleeping but my cat wasn’t. I wondered what was behind my door. Before my Mom left she told me not to open the door no matter what so I didn’t.

They suddenly came back and told me it was my friend giving back my controller.

3 thoughts on “Week 9: The Embarrassing Day, By Mikolaj”

  1. Hello Mikolaj,
    I love your story this week
    I loved the way you used the prompt this week
    If that was me I would be embarrassed to I would of stayed in my room to like you did
    Well done keep up the great work
    From Niamh and Emily

  2. I Liked your idea of the story! But maybe highlight or under line the “I wondered what was behind my door”. But good job!

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