Week 9 The Legend Of Áill Mór by Ciarán

Hello, my name is Sean Mc Coill. I am an adventurer and I am looking for the  Áill Mór. The legend of Aill Mór said that inside there are all the jewels in world – well that is according to the legend.

Two weeks later 1982 at 09:27 a.m.

I found a pyramid with a door on it that said Áill’s tomb in gold plated lettering. I wondered what was behind the door  – it could be Jewels or Death!  I would rather jewels but anything thing could happen.  I walked over to the door, pushed it open and  walked in …

R.I.P Sean Mc Coill  1982 ):

3 thoughts on “Week 9 The Legend Of Áill Mór by Ciarán”

  1. I liked how you made a small backstory and the theme of it. You didn’t use the prompt correctly it should be in the middle of a sentence not the beginning.

  2. Hi Ciarán,
    I really enjoyed reading your story about the legend of Áill Mor.
    Just one small thing, on the second line you said Áill and then Aill with no fatha.
    But other than that great story.

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