Week 9 The Puppy by Mathew O G

It was a normal day, I woke up and went to school. I had invited my friend Dan over for a sleepover. My mom collected us. As I got into the car I noticed a box in the back.

I curiously opened it and to my amazement, there was a puppy in it. I almost cried  I was so happy. When we got home we played with the puppy all day- we named him Bonsey. It was 12 pm and we went to bed.

A few hours later we were awoken by a horrible scratching sound. I wondered what was behind the door. I opened it bravely…

It was Bonsey staring up at me.

9 thoughts on “Week 9 The Puppy by Mathew O G”

  1. I liked how you used the prompt and how you shaped the story around it but it did have a few grammar issues and also you should have said 12 am not 12 pm.

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