Week 9 The virtual reality test by Ben

I was in my back garden at 1.30 am when I heard a loud noise. Then three aliens appeared. I managed to sustain myself from fainting. There was an orange one, a grey one and a black one. The orange one spoke first.

He said “we are on the wrong planet – we are in the vicinity of planet 5137. We will call our ship and erase the human’s mind. We can’t have any of this planet’s government knowing about us until the invasion.”

“But wait,” said the black one.” There is a chance he could remember- the erasing machine doesn’t always work.”

One thought on “Week 9 The virtual reality test by Ben”

  1. Wow! 1:30 in the morning is quite late Ben … or early? I wonder what your character was doing there? I’m also interested to know how he knew the alien was a ‘he.’ A quick description would really help your readers get a sense of what they were like – humans perhaps? I love how you set up such a tantalising ending and encouraged us to imagine what happens next.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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