Week11 : The magic Ground : by Maciej

“Tom I whispered do you see him ?”

“No , Oh now I see him.”

“Where is he? …Wait… he is saying something . ”

“1h24e ,” said the man.

Boom !

Poofs of smoke were coming out of the secret cage and then the person disappeared in the black shade of the cage entrance .

“Okay  he is gone.  Let’s leave our bikes here on the soft ground . ”

“Do you remember the code ? ”

“Yes it’s 1h24e ”

… Boom !

And the cage opened and then the boys went in. After a while, the boys came out and then they saw their bikes in the tree.

One thought on “Week11 : The magic Ground : by Maciej”

  1. Wow, Maciej!
    I love it. You’ve written a very mysterious piece this week leaving me with lots of questions.
    What was in this cage?
    Who did the boys follow in?
    And what happened to their bikes?
    Good work.

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