Week:14 The Most Beautiful House Ever By Mikolaj

One day when Luke and I were in the forest we saw a monkey running in the most beautiful house ever. We really wanted to swop houses because we had a really bad one.  Luke went in front and I went at the back.

15 minutes later when we were nearly there we saw a monkey running into a Vodafone shop. We sprinted to its  house and my phone did a noise “there is no internet connection”. Luke’s  phone did the same thing and when we got upstairs we saw an aggressive female monkey pushing a computer off a table.

We laughed so loudly and the monkeys kicked us out of their house. So we went back to our old house and stayed there forever.

3 thoughts on “Week:14 The Most Beautiful House Ever By Mikolaj”

  1. When I read your story I thought of the proverb – Faraway hills are greener – which means we often think others have better things than we have. This is usually not the case! Your own home with Internet connection sounds way better!
    Good work Mikolaj.

  2. Hi Mikolaj. Your story made me laugh. You were so right to go home to your own house! I mean imagine being in a house with no internet connection???? How would you possibly survive!

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