Week18: The Beremuda TriangleΔ

It was 03/01/1976. There was a man named John Hempton; he was an explorer.  Next day he took his boat named Betty out near Florida. Not long after he realised that his engine wasn’t working. He then remembered where he was – The Bermuda Triangle.

Eyes Closed, Pitch Dark, he didn’t know what to do. Light shone upon him. He opened his eyes and saw boats, trees and light.He looked up to see where It was coming from but he didn’t know where.

Would he ever escape from this place?

5 thoughts on “Week18: The Beremuda TriangleΔ”

  1. Hi Kajus
    I loved the idea of your writing being set in the Bermuda Triangle, I can see how the picture prompt made you think of that. I particularly liked the second paragraph of your writing, where you have created a sense of desperation for John.
    Miss T

  2. Great story, you used amazing vocabulary. Just watch your punctuation. I,really like how you used the prompt. I wonder if he’ll get off that island? I hope so. This story reminds me of a book I read called Robinson Crusoe. It was about a man who got stuck on an Islamd too. Brilliant story. Well done.

  3. Do you know, Kajus, your story reminds me a little of Oliver Queen in the TV show “Arrow”. He was out on a boat and ended up on a mysterious island. And he, too, wondered if he’d ever escape! I hope that you do find a way off that island. Super writing, well done!

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