Week18 The rescue by Mathew OG

There is an army next to the Sydney opera house. They look like statues but they are actually ninjas.

One day a huge explosion happened right next to the opera house. The ninjas heard and they flipped and rolled stealthily towards the opera house. They investigated the scene wondering where the bomb was thrown from.

Just then they heard a loud continuous beeping sound and BOOM!.

The ground shook from the force of the bomb. Many were ok but others were badly injured. The bombs just kept on coming and more powerful as they came…


3 thoughts on “Week18 The rescue by Mathew OG”

  1. Hi Matthew, and what a great story this is, from the plain start to the excitement and danger of a terrorist attack in such a short piece. This resonates with a real attack where the quiet of the day is shattered by noise and violence. I like how your story does this so well. Excellent work, well done.

  2. Great job! I love how you compared this colorful army to the Chinese Soldiers. I hope that you win! Keep up that great work of yours. I think you have an one hundred percent chance of winning!

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