Week19 Pandemonium Everywhere By Danny

My cousin scientist Sam loves science but he’s not very good. He works day and night trying to think of a new potion. Once he tried to make his brother Daniel disappear but he actually turned him into a girl so now Daniel is called Sarah but that’s another story.

But one day he made a potion and the potion was to make spiders smaller because he hates them. So one day he put it down a drainpipe. As it came down the drainpipe it hit a spider on the way down. Suddenly the spider got bigger and it didn’t get smaller.

There was pandemonium everywhere. Just then the spider bit him and now he is in hospital.

3 thoughts on “Week19 Pandemonium Everywhere By Danny”

  1. By the sound of it, saying your cousin Sam isn’t very good at being a scientist is an understatement – he shouldn’t be let into a lab!
    Good work this week Danny.

  2. Hi Danny
    You have a super style in your writing which is easy to read and you speak directly to the reader.
    I loved the twist at the end of the story when the spiders grew instead of shrinking. In a way I was secretly pleased that Sam got bitten, I always think that spiders get a rough deal!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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