Week22 By:Tadhg The dish

The tension was unbearable.  He had to get the dish done in five minutes. The chips were nearly done so he grabbed the salt and the vinegar. He took the chips out and they looked lovely. He put on the salt and then put on the vinegar.


The menacing opponent hit his shoulder . The vinegar fell. “NO”.

He tried one chip. The vinegar was too sharp. He knew he was going to lose.

“Times up” yelled the judges.

“Tom – you are up first, you put way too much vinegar on your chips, but the burger is exquisite – great job”.

“Jerry your chips are great but your burger is bad –  now we will announce the winner.”

“The winner is …Tom!”

One thought on “Week22 By:Tadhg The dish”

  1. Great 100 word Challenge entry!

    No one likes a cheat, so good on Tom to win that one over Jerry.

    Keep up the good work!

    Franck, Team 100 WC

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