WK 11 Foolish Brother, By Mikolaj

“Ha Ha Ha – I’m winning,” exclaimed my brother.

He never beats me in cycling – I always win. So I decided to take him to the woods and race him.

I counted ” On your marks, Get set, Go.”

I started two seconds after Go and he started on – on your marks. The race began, he was like two feet in front of me so it wasn’t too bad. I moved my pedals quicker to make him angry. In a flash of lightning, I was in front of him. In shock and dismay he gave up so he lost. I turned my head to him and mocked him as to why he was so slow. I suddenly drove into a tree and broke my hand and my poor leg. My brother had nothing to say so he just rang the ambulance. I was in the hospital for two months, healing.

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