WK 13, The Rude People, By Mikolaj

I was playing my PlayStation and I ran into three random people. They told me their names, where they were from and how old they were. I asked them could they add me so we could play more often. They said they would but they were exhausted. When we died in the game, I took my phone out of my pocket because I wanted to check what time it was in their country. It was surprisingly only 11:oo am so I was confused. I was getting sad because they just maybe didn’t want to play with me. I rang them and asked them why didn’t they want to play with me. They said it was because I was too young. I threw my headphones off and went to bed.

I will never forget these rude people.

One thought on “WK 13, The Rude People, By Mikolaj”

  1. Hello Mikolaj, your story raises a very current issue doesn’t it? Playing games online can be lots of fun but there are some dangers there and you can be disappointed in the behaviour of some people. I really like how you had the character checking the time and seeing that they were not telling you the truth. It is good to be alert like this and to talk to your parents or teachers if you have a problem. I think it is really good in your story how you have been able to show a number of different emotions and reactions.

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