Wk 15 The Figure By Joe

It was late and most of the shops would be closing soon. My job as a security guard was finished. I was slowly driving out of the car park when I noticed a masked figure lurking in the distance. I didn’t take any notice as I thought it was just a man walking home. I was stopped in traffic when I saw it again. The traffic was moving extraordinarily slowly so I began the feel nervous.

After I got out of the traffic I stopped for coffee. When I walked outside I saw the figure, this time up close. “Which way to the shops “, it panted . . .

One thought on “Wk 15 The Figure By Joe”

  1. Hi Joe’ thank you for this intriguing 100WC story. It ask questions all the way and leaves the reader wondering and wanting more. I really like the final part with the man panting as he asks his question. Lovely work, well done.

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